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Simac’s Mission

We help companies to evolve

We automate industrial processes, also with the aid of anthropomorphic robots, to improve product quality, worker safety and business profitability.

Our values


We aspire to provide the best possible product on the market and to simplify the work of our customers. We face big problems and want to have a big long-term impact.


We pursue excellence on a personal and corporate level. We are looking for an environment that allows everyone to challenge themselves, to grow and improve every day.


We can only create value by working together. Simac’s success is due to his teamwork, not just to individuals. We share, communicate, listen and learn from each other.


Picking with vision

Through specific algorithms we are able to develop picking systems with laser scanning profile recognition

Metal processing

Deburring and finishing of metal elements as a result of mechanical processing. Grinding, polishing, satin finishing of elements in stainless steel, brass and other metals.

End of Line

Advanced technological solutions
for end-of-line automation
and for product traceability

Automated Guided Vehicle

Handling of products within a factory with Natural Navigation

Vertical Storage System

Maximum space optimization

About Simac

Simac’s mission is to automate and completely organize the production cycles that currently involve the use of highly strenuous labor.


The rapid technological evolution (Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data are examples of disruptive technologies that have become omnipresent in our daily life) is leading to a sudden “change” of skills and the generational transition will have to be addressed gradually but quickly.

The “artisanal” businesses will have to transform and incorporate automation as the only lifeline for continuity and competitiveness, in a market that will be increasingly difficult to deal with. Only by integrating automation with management control will it be possible to have the data necessary for the continuous improvement of one’s business, cost optimization and the development of one’s business.

Simac with a very wide range of products and skills, especially in robotics, is developing applications in the field of handling, assembly and processing of objects, also with the use of artificial vision in order to automate weary and repetitive processes (even with collaborative robots) and, at the same time, integrate production with management control with specific applications.

In this way Simac accompanies companies towards a future in which man and automation will be able to collaborate to generate better results, increasingly shifting man to the role of controller and generator of ideas.

In a world of constant change and technological advancement, the ability to prepare for multiple scenarios is vital. High priority will be given to those who demonstrate innovative thinking and who will be able to manage complex scenarios, and in this space that Simac finds its greatest development.

Simac has already established collaborations with important industrial groups in various sectors.


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    Registered office

    Via Mazzini, 182/F  41049 Sassuolo (MO) Italy

    Operational Headquarters

    Via dell’Industria, 45 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Italy